September 21, 2015

Worldwide University Program



We at Mirabilis Design believe that the technology can only advance if Universities get access to leading technologies in the world. Availability of advanced technologies and required assistance will exponentially increase innovations to address real world challenges.

Software tools from Mirabilis Design reaches thousands of students and professors across the globe every year. Benefits of membership in the program include access to technical support, training, curriculum and more.



The rate of innovations in electronics can only be sustained through skilled training of graduating engineers to deliver new concepts to market. As designs are getting bigger and complex, there is a global demand for highly skilled professional engineers, especially Architects and Performance Engineers. Mirabilis Design has a unique collaborative program to provide qualified University, Technical Institution and Training College access to VisualSim, to support training, teaching, academic research, foster innovations and promote careers

Our focus is to build relationships with professors who can incorporate hands-on experience with the industry-leading software into their curriculum and develop a well-trained workforce to meet the difficult challenges of conceptual and architectural design. Graduating students will have experience and knowledge in the latest tools and methodologies using industry-standard solutions. Our program provides research institutions and universities with the technology, and tools, necessary to encourage advanced research and give our future engineers the skills required to meet the challenges of modern electronic system design.

The University Program is administered by the local offices worldwide.


How to Apply

To apply for the first time or to renew membership, please complete the University Program Membership form from the link below. Participating universities agree to use software for teaching and research purpose only.


Mirabilis Design offers more than 20 full semester courses for Bachelor and Master programs in Embedded Systems, VLSI, Automotive and Avionics. Contact us for More Information


  • All applicants must be an accredited, degree-granting academic institution. The applicant may not be a National Laboratory, National Center or National Facility operated by an academic institution for the respective governments nor a wholly federally-funded research center or scientific facility (except degree-granting military schools).

  • Main focus is the traditional academic departments of Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, EECS, ECE, Information Systems, Mathematics and Physics. Other interested university research labs, centers and institutions will be evaluated for participation in our program.

  • Software should be used for teaching, graduate and academic research only. Benchmark studies of any software tools provided under this Program are expressly forbidden.

  • For each site, a primary Technical Liaison will be designated by the university. Technical Liaisons will be responsible for installation and maintenance of the Mirabilis software and are the only point of contact with Mirabilis for all support issues. Mirabilis reserves the right to disable support accounts should Technical Liaisons abuse their support privilege.

  • For accurate licensing, the appropriate information requested for the license server must be provided on the University Order Form.

  • All Mirabilis software and documentation should be downloaded from our website; CDs will not be shipped to the university. License files are sent via email. The university may print an unlimited number of hardcopies of Mirabilis documentation for teaching purposes.

  • The University license is a complete and unrestricted version of VisualSim and associated libraries. All upgrades are provided at no charge during the license period.

  • Licenses for previous software releases will not be shipped.