October 5, 2012

Success Stories

1. Tops Systems, Unisys and Toyota (Japan):

    VisualSim enabled engineers to architect the software and processor to achieve 800 Teraflops for a Real-Time Ray Tracing system.




2. MindTree (India):

    Adopts Mirabilis Design’s VisualSim to deliver architecture exploration services to its semiconductor and hardware customers.





    VisualSim modeling libraries enable AMCC’s System Architects to accelerate early architecture exploration and modeling.




4. Florida Atlantic University(USA):

    Evaluation of Application-Specific Multiprocessor Mobile System.




5. American University of Sharjah(UAE):

    Virtual Prototyping and Performance Analysis of Two Memory Architectures.





    NEXUS Scalable and Distributed Next-Generation Avionics Bus for Space Missions.




7. Alari Institute(Switzerland):

    Early power and performance optimization of algorithm implementation on ARM processors.




8. NASA, Jet Propulsion Labs (JPL), Pasadena, CA, USA:

    VisualSim Model-Based Study of On-Board Data Processing Architecture for Balloon-borne Aurora Observation