September 25, 2012


VisualSim_ProductVisualSim is the electronic system level modeling and simulation software developed by Mirabilis Design Inc. The product has been available since 2005. VisualSim is based on the extremely popular Ptolemy simulation platform from University of California Berkeley.

VisualSim is used for modeling and simulation in the systems engineering domain for architecture exploration, power measurement and performance analysis early in the design phase. Using this graphical modeling environment, users construct models of the proposed system, debug real-life conditions, simulate with a variety of iterative parameters, and analyze the responses. Models constructed in VisualSim can combine different levels of abstraction (cycle-accurate to statistical) and different models of computation (digital, software and control systems).

A simple FIVE step process to ensure a robust design.


Develop the block-diagram of the system and of the environment using predefined, predefined and parameterized models in the extensive VisualSim Library or build customized models to suit your requirements.

Run simulations to explore the design space. VisualSim’s heterogeneous modeling environment supports modeling of systems that have behaviors that need to be defined using a different simulation paradigm.

Analyze the results of the simulations using graphical analysis objects and over 3000 pre-defined reports.

Derive conclusions based on the analysis of these reports.

Communicate conclusions and communicate justification for those conclusions using the same executable system models and analysis objects using our web application, VisualSim Explorer