September 30, 2012


Mirabilis Design Inc. provides an insight on application of VisualSim Architect in various vertical industries to reduce time, resource and develop next-generation products. They are:

Defense, Aerospace and Space

In the Aerospace and Defense Industry, there is a constant demand to integrate the evolving new technologies to manage the security threats and fuel consumption control. Emerging, high-speed bus technologies and migration to multi-core platform requires detailed high-level system analysis before scheduling implementation. Architects and designers are required to analyze the design space exploration or architecture exploration of avionics and develop innovative solutions to suit future enhancements. Read more


The automotive industry has embraced technology to improve vehicle safety and to produce next generation products. Automotive industries have begun to include intelligent technology terms like navigation systems, adaptive cruise control, collision warning systems, blind-spot detection, accurate real-time traffic updates, etc., in their production check list. Technology enables to improve vehicle safety and offer a significant potential growth. Maximizing the efficiency of the systems embedded in an automobile without affecting the operations of other parts is a challenge. Read more


The growth of technology developments in processors, data storage, and chip design, etc., opened door to endless opportunities in the computing industry. With opportunities, the need to collaborate and communicate with vendors, clients, architects and development team has increased. Time-to-market and power bandwidth determine the sustainability of product in the global market. Read more


The semiconductor industry is driven by major technological advances. Semiconductors have become a part of Automotive, industrial sector, data processing application, consumer electronics, Memory and chip. Every product is determined by its performance, features, flexibility and power management. Read more


he need to improve productivity and maintain an edge with customer’s demand for innovation, industrial markets has adopted technology in their production activity. Managing workload, performance and optimize the system is very important to deliver quality products on time-to-market. Read more


The developments of technologies like the Internet-of-things (IoT), enterprise mobility, cloud computing and virtualization led to change in business model and infrastructure. Developing a sophisticated system has increased demand for more security, data storage, and power control and memory bandwidth. Read more