January 1, 2013


Mirabilis Design Academia is the platform providing a semester license of complete VisualSim version. The purpose of license, is to provide an access to students to explore their ideas  and projects using our product.

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Obtain the MAC Address or HostID for generating a license

The following table, lists the operating system commands used to determine your host ID for each supported system:

Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7
From Command Windows type  ipconfig /all.  The Physical Address of the Wireless or Ethernet is the MAC Address.  The resulting number will be 00-1F-3B-CB-46-27.

Enter the “hostid” command at the prompt.  The resulting # will be 170a3472.

Type ” /sbin/ifconfig eth0″ at the command line.  Use the colon-separated, hexadecimal number to the right of HWaddr. The resulting # will be 8:0:2b:e6:87:59.

Mac OS X
Open the Apple System Profiler application in /Applications/Utilities. Look in the Network overview of the System Profile.The resulting # will be 8.0.2b.e6.87.59.