September 24, 2012

About Us


Mirabilis Design is an Economically-Disadvantaged Woman-Owned Minority Small Business based in Sunnyvale, CA, that provides simulation software, embedded system design services and training.  The company was founded in 2003 by a team of highly experienced software, electronics and communication engineers.  The company has over 50 commercial and government agencies as customers. The solution is used to explore the resource efficiency, security, timing, energy consumption and functional correctness of systems.  We empower architects to create the right product to meet the requirements at the right price and schedule.


VisualSim Architect is the industry’s first fully integrated solution for end-to-end model-based system architecture exploration of semiconductors, cyber-physical systems and missions.  VisualSim enables rapid prototype of concepts prior to development using a large library of parameterized components. This reduces planning and analysis schedule, validates the specification, identifies errors in implementation and generates an executable specification.  VisualSim is a graphical and hierarchical modeling environment where users construct, debug and analyze models. The associated scripted batch-mode simulator enables parameter sweeps for monte-carlo simulations.  The models can be simulated with different topology, parameters and use-cases; review reports; and make architecture decisions.  VisualSim is used by Systems Engineers, Architects, Software Designers and Program Managers.

Performance and Power Modeling of Electronics

VisualSim enables programs to quickly explore the architecture at the mission and at the cycle-accurate levels. The generated plots ensures the user can quickly identify the performance characteristics and make decisions.

Why Choose Us

    • Accelerate time-to-market

      Eliminate system performance barriers and increase confidence in the product specification using the modeling library and analysis tools that are provided in VisualSim.

    • Visualize the proposed system architecture

      Refine the timing, power and behavior performance of the system to meet the customer requirements at the best cost. The innovative modeling methodology and the vast systems engineering experience of VisualSim enable the detailed evaluation of complex electronic architectures

    • Reduce system modeling effort and time

      Our technology has been built for rapid product exploration, system validation and design space experimentation. The pre-built modelling library, application-specific templates, detailed technical support and extensive reports provide instant feedback on your system feasibility, reliability, safety, performance, energy-efficiency and quality.

    • Validate “Mission Assurance” and “Integrity of Design“

      Significantly reduce the risk of failure through dynamic system simulation… test out everything prior to implementation

    • Collaborative design

      Simulatable specification to share the specification via a web-based simulatable specification to work interactively with remote teams and to extend early system modelling use into marketing, partnership and resource planning.

MDI_GototopKeywords: virtual prototype, system specification, online communication platform, model-driven system design, architecture exploration, electronics, semiconductor, embedded software

Management Team

The Mirabilis Design team is composed of veterans of electronics system-level design and systems engineering. All team members have advanced scientific degrees and/or MBAs.

Vaishnavi Shankar is the Chief Executive Officer of Mirabilis Design.  She joined Mirabilis Design in 2005 as the Director of Business Development and became the CEO in 2017. She is also the majority shareholder of the company.  Ms. Vaishnavi has reset the company operations to develop a new market strategy and narrowed the focus market and geography.  Since then the company has made a substantial improvement in profitability.  She has hired specialist for each area of expertise and moved marketing to an in-house team.  She has been responsible for making strategic investment in new product development and build a new engineering organization across three continents.  Ms. Shankar has a Mini MBA from Santa Clara University, MS from Madras University, India and a BS from Stella Maris College, Chennai, India.

Darryl Koivisto, Ph.D. is the CTO and has over 30 years of experience as an Architect, Program Manager and modeling expert. Prior to Mirabilis Design, Mr. Koivisto held a number of roles with increasing responsibility and was most recently the Principal Modeling Consultant at Cadence Design Systems. Prior to Cadence Design System, Darryl held Project Management roles at Ford Aerospace where he managed large satellite projects for NASA. Previously, Mr. Koivisto was a Chip Architect at Signetics, now Philips Semiconductor, and I/O Architect at Amdahl. Mr. Koivisto has a DBA from Golden Gate University, MS from Santa Clara University and BS from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo.

Deepak Shankar, Founder and has over 18 years of experience in development, sales and marketing of system-level design tools. Prior to Mirabilis Design, Mr. Shankar was VP of Business Development at MemCall, a fabless semiconductor company and SpinCircuit, a supply chain joint venture of HP, Cadence and Flextronics. Prior to that, Deepak spent many years in product marketing at Cadence Design Systems. Mr. Shankar has an MBA from UC Berkeley, MS from Clemson University and BS from Coimbatore Institute of Technology, both in Electronics and Communication.