November 21, 2012


1553B Library based VisualSim Model

VisualSim 1553B library provides the only industrial simulation of this Standard. Using this library, users can identify performance bottlenecks in the software execution, data loss issues and network topology errors. The protocol can be combined with hardware architecture blocks to define the Remote Terminals. The software can be compiled and instantiate for each RT. This setup can be used to validate the performance and behavior of the software tasks executing in triggered sequence across multiple RT and evaluate the latency to complete the end-to-end tasks. The model can be used to introduce faults and test the responsiveness of the software diagnostics. The library blocks have been designed for use with avionics and spacecraft on-board data handling (OBDH) subsystems for both military and civil. It features a dual redundant balanced line physical layer, a (differential) network interface, time division multiplexing, half-duplex command/ response protocol, and can handle up to 31 remote terminals (devices). Optical cabling details can be entered to support MIL-STD-1773.

The protocol can support multi-level network topologies and integration with other avionics protocols. The Remote Terminals can be assembled using a combination of the hardware architecture and the source code associated with each RT. The 1553B network takes care of all the data communication. Using this designers of rockets and spacecraft systems have been able to re-design the bus architecture to support all the required on-board applications.
VisualSim 1553B library provides extensive statistics including End-to-end latency, 1553B Bus Latency Histogram, Packet Histogram, 1553B Bus Throughput, Rejects plot, Datalink Statistics and 1553B Bus Statistics for buffer occupancy and waiting time at the RT, and the utilization of the 1553B bus controller.